Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding exterior and interior car accessories. If you can’t find what you are looking for below, feel free to call customer service on +61 3 96967966.


Where do I get the App?

Go to either the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) and search for “LED INNOV”. Download the App.

Can I install my Exterior Light Kit inside the vehicle?​

Yes, you may install LED INNOVATION External Kits #23915 and #23916 inside the vehicle.​

Can I install my Interior Light Kit outside the vehicle?​

No, the interior light kits do not have the same added protection as our external light kits. Only use our LED INNOVATION external kits #23915 and #23916 outside the vehicle.​

Can I cut my light strips (to shorten them) if needed?​

Yes, you can cut your interior light strips at designated cut points identified by a white line with a pair of scissors. You CANNOT cut exterior light strips. Note, once you cut a light strip, you will not be able to attach another light strip to the end of it (since you removed the connector).​

Do you sell additional cables? I need some!​​

Yes, item #23914 contains [2] 4’ cable extensions that simply connect to the existing cables and/or lights in your kit.​

I want more lights! Can I add additional light strips?​​

Yes, you can add additional light strips to your light strip kit.

#23912 [12” Interior RGB Strip Light] can be added to your interior kits #23910 and #23911.

#23917 [12” Exterior RGB Strip Light] can be added to your exterior Kit #23915.​

How many total light strips can I power on one controller?​​​

The maximum light strips you can power on one controller is 12. You may purchase and operate additional kits if more light is needed.

How do I mount my lights?

Special automotive-grade 3M® tape is included for mounting your interior and exterior light strips. Additional screw-in clips are provided for exterior light strip mounting. Rock light pods are mounted via 2 screws / each (included).​

My lights are too bright; can I dim them?​

Yes, the LED INNOVATION App contains a slide bar to adjust light brightness.​

How many color options are there?​

The LED INNOVATION App contains a color wheel which allows you to select any color (and hue of that color) you’d like!​​

Can I animate my lights?​​

Yes, the LED INNOVATION App contains several on-board animation options including flash, strobe, smooth and pulse. Additionally, your lights can react to music. You may also adjust the speed of your animations using the “Speed” slide bar.​​

Can I operate multiple light sets at the same time?​​​

Yes, for example, if you’d like to run lights inside and outside your vehicle, you can purchase an interior kit and exterior kit and run them at the same time. The lights will not conflict with each other. Only 1 set of lights may be adjusted/changed at a time using the App.

What does “1 Channel” vs “4 Channel” mean?​​​​

“1 Channel” means that all lights on that controller will operate in sync with each other. If you change your color to red, all lights will be red.​

“4 Channel” means that each of the 4 lights on the 4-channel controller may be operated independently. So, light one can be red, light two can be blue, light three can be green, etc.

How do I clean my lights?​​​​

Lights may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not use corrosive cleaners on your light strips or pods.​

I still have questions.​​​​

Please contact us at +61 3 96967966


How do I sync my smartphone with the Bluetooth Speakerphone?

A. Each phone is packed with easy to follow Start Guide instructions. The syncing process on your smartphone is the same for any Bluetooth device. For further instructions, please see the video below for help.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Speakerphone


My phone charger stopped working, what do I do?

A. Check the fuse on both the charger and your vehicle.


How do I remove blindspot mirrors?

A. We suggest using fishing line or dental floss to carefully remove the mirror and then clean the residue with Goo Gone or a similar safe adhesive removal product.

Phone Holders

Will your phone holder fit my phone?

A. Our new packaging has phone size charts. Please call customer service at +613 9696 7966.

My Phone holder clips broke, what do I do?

A. Please call customer service at +613 9696 7966.

The clips broke off in the vent, what do I do?

A. Gently pry open the ‘teeth’ of the vent clip with a flat surface tool and pull carefully.

My phone holder uses a suction cup and won’t this stay put on the window/dash?

A. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Lightly moisten the suction cup and reapply, pressing firmly.


Can you send a replacement for a defective product?

A. Please call customer service at +613 9696 7966.

Steering Wheel Covers

Will your covers fit my steering wheel?

A. Who-Rae Steering Wheel Covers will fit most steering wheels with sizes ranging in diameter from 14.5” – 15.5 “. Our Neoprene covers can stretch to cover a steering wheel 16” in diameter and our Lace-On covers can stretch to 16.5” in diameter.

Why does my Steering Wheel Cover smell?

A. The smell is from the rubber used in the inner core of some steering covers. The smell will diminish over time.

Where to purchase

Where can I find your products or a particular product?

A. Please refer to our “Find us at” list on our home page to see select retailers that carry our products. Many of our products are also available online through our retail partners.